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  • Attentive listening and sound advice on neighbourhoods, schools, shops, etc.
  • Partnership with your bank rep or mortgage broker to simplify your life


  • Email alerts of new listings
  • VIP access to properties listed on Centris, MLS and
  • Access to properties of all brokers and agencies
  • Access by email to important documents: seller’s declaration, certificate of location, etc.


  • Analysis of the home’s value before making an offer to purchase so that you never overpay
  • No buyer fees (or agency fees or costs)


  • Sutton Secur legal coverage
  • Certified Passion Condo broker (specializing in condo law)
Chez toit

Sutton is proud to make available this unique platform to help first time buyers to access their property with ease.

This platform supports you throughout all the steps that you must follow to buy your first property. It’s simple and free. Take advantage of our expertise to live a personalized and reassuring experience.

Sutton Secur

An innovative legal coverage program, Sutton Secur ensures you’re protected in the case of a dispute or legal issue related to the purchase or sale of a property. One Sutton Secur certificate covers you for up to $3,000 in legal fees and is valid for life (or, in the case of a buyer, for as long as you continue to own the property for which the certificate was issued.

Passion Condo

I obtained this certification after completing 40 hours of specialized condo training. This training is given by Yves Joli-Coeur from Quebec’s leading condo law firm, De GrandPré Joli-Coeur.

Dans la rue

Dans la rue is the only organization in Montreal that takes a multifaceted approach to meeting the needs of homeless and at-risk youth. Through its brokers, Sutton has been supporting Dans la rue for years by donating an amount from every transaction.

I increase this contribution by making an additional donation for every reference I receive. Each year, I donate several hundred dollars to Dans la Rue.

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After filling this form, you will receive the Buyer Guide, which will help you in, and after, the process of buying your property. It will also provide you with tips to make your transaction as satisfying as possible.

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