Groupe Sutton Immobilia inc.

Seller's program

All-inclusive services

  • Market value report and detailed comparables
  • Carefully thought-out presentation with high-quality professional photos
  • Glossy brochure for every visitor
  • Open homes
  • Web and social networks (Facebook, Twitter) used to their full potential
  • 24/7 update of online visits
  • Listing on ,, and other major sites
  • Qualified buyers from among Quebec’s 14,000 real estate brokers
  • Skillful negotiations
  • Meticulous verification of all buyer conditions and documents
  • Broker present during the inspection and at the notary’s office
  • Sutton Secur legal coverage
  • Favorable rate, no additional costs
List Globally

A service that displays my listings on 150 real estate listings sites around the world, including in Europe and China.

Sutton Secur

An innovative legal coverage program, Sutton Secur ensures you’re protected in the case of a dispute or legal issue related to the purchase or sale of a property. One Sutton Secur certificate covers you for up to $3,000 in legal fees and is valid for life (or, in the case of a buyer, for as long as you continue to own the property for which the certificate was issued.

Passion Condo

I obtained this certification after completing 40 hours of specialized condo training. This training is given by Yves Joli-Coeur from Quebec’s leading condo law firm, De GrandPré Joli-Coeur.

Dans la rue

Dans la rue is the only organization in Montreal that takes a multifaceted approach to meeting the needs of homeless and at-risk youth. Through its brokers, Sutton has been supporting Dans la rue for years by donating an amount from every transaction.

I increase this contribution by making an additional donation for every reference I receive. Each year, I donate several hundred dollars to Dans la Rue.


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Sell your property

  • Sell at a fair price
  • Benefit from our understanding of legal documents and procedures
  • Maximize your property’s visibility and traffic
  • Gain access to the largest database in Québec
  • Benefit from increased security and protection
  • Be accompanied at every stage of the transaction
  • Deal with serious buyers
  • Benefit from our many skills
  • Save yourself time, effort and energy
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